Don’t Weight To Do It!


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I’m glad you’re here! I know some of you from my weekly WW meeting. Everyone is here for a reason. Whether its a new healthy lifestyle or just being able to fit in that new, smaller bathing suit you bought for this summer. My focus will be on sharing my newfound love of cooking. I love to experiment. This year, I will be focusing on trying out something new, whether a new food hack or a new recipe for veggie noodles, and testing and maybe tweaking other recipes. I’ll also share a few of my exercise tips. However, what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. I will even be sharing a new snack hack each week. More to come! Would it be helpful to share some insights from my WW group? I hope so! Just know that you can reach me anytime at Please share your comments and let me know what you think of the blog and what you want to see. This organization means so much to me! WW gave me my life back! I hope I can help you in your journey, just like my fellow members have helped me. Happy times!

Weekly Recipe…1 Point Hamburger Soup!

Finished product!

This recipe is an oldie but goodie! You can find versions of this recipe everywhere nowadays. I’ve made it several times using my Aunt Sheila’s recipe. The most important thing that you need to know is that it’s only 1 point per serving when you use the 99 percent lean ground turkey! You will have to adjust the points if you use meat with a higher fat count. This is a 1 pot meal. There are several options for how to cook the soup. You can use either a stockpot or a crockpot. I will list the varied cook times. Start with 1 1/2 pounds of 99% lean ground turkey and cook the meat in the stock pot. If you are using a crockpot, fry it first in the pan. Next, its time to chop your vegetables! For this recipe, you will need: 2 cups of carrots, 1 1/2 cups onions, 1 1/2 cups celery, and 1 green pepper. You DON’T need to cook these before adding them to the pot. Next add your meat and vegetables to the pot, and add 1/2 cup dried pearl barley, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, 28 oz can of canned tomatoes (cut the tomatoes into small pieces), and 1 8 oz can of tomato sauce. You will need to add 6 cups of beef broth to the pot (sometimes I add more), depending on your preference. Add 3 bay leaves, 1 Tbs dried onion, 2 tsp garlic and some parsley, salt, and pepper to the mixture. If you are using a stockpot, all you need to do is add all your ingredients to the pot and bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and let it simmer for an hour. Some of you may decide to try using a crockpot. If you do, just remember to put it on high for about 4 hours. You will need to add V8 tomato juice to the soup as it thickens. I kept adding the V8 juice to the soup because it thickens as it sits. Don’t fully cover the soup, this will help it thicken. When reheating you may need more liquid. The soup will be as thick as tomato sauce the next day. The barley will absorb ALOT of the liquid. You can make it as thick or as thin as you prefer. You can add extra vegetables to it as well. You can even add a can of beans. That’s it! Easy…right?! Comment below and let me know what you think of this recipe or with changes you have made! Enjoy! (Family Rating- A)

SmartPoints: 1 serving is 1 Point on Freestyle. This recipe yields 8 LARGE servings. You can also use the recipe builder on the WW app to determine how many points this recipe is, based on your particular plan.

Dessert Hack…Faux Ice Cream Sandwich?!

The other day, I had a craving. We all get them, mostly at inconvenient times. Regardless, I wanted a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich. I knew that on average they are 7 points each. I however had 2 points left for the day. Would it really be worth going over my points for the day. I decided it would not and took matters into my own hands. I looked on Pinterest for alternate ideas. Lots of people were posting that they had made their own ice cream sandwiches. How you may ask? They were taking graham crackers and putting cool whip in the middle. I thought this was a great idea. I decided that I wanted to see how few points I could make this for. I used 10 Honey Maid Low Fat Honey Graham Crackers and a 8 oz container of Fat Free Cool Whip. All you need to do is to break the graham cracker sheets in half and divide the Cool Whip among them evenly. You should end with 10 Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches. Next, take a baking sheet and spread parchment paper out on it. Place the sandwiches on it and put them in the freezer to harden. This will take about 2 hours. Easy….right?! Wanna know the best part? Each sandwich is only 2 points! The perfect ending to my day! Let me know in the comment section below what you think! Enjoy! (Family Rating- A+)

SmartPoints: 1 sandwich is 2 points on Freestyle. This recipe yields 10 sandwiches. You can also use the recipe builder on the WW app to determine how many points this recipe is, based on your particular plan.

My Cooking Evolution…Part 1

About two years ago, I had no freaking idea what I was doing in the kitchen. I didn’t even know how to boil water! Hard to believe, I know!  I craved the knowledge in the kitchen that everyone in my family had.  Growing up, when my mom wasn’t working, she cooked. Beautiful meals left our kitchen every night. When I was younger, my mom herself was on WW and we learned about healthy eating from a young age. I remember that we didn’t have a lot of money growing up and my mom made wonderful meals sometimes out of nothing, but…. I didn’t pay attention!  Now, I wanted to be able to cook.  I had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen. My Dad and I even managed to burn some Little Smokies sausages in the microwave a few years ago.  Luckily I met a friend who loved to cook and she taught me where to start.  She started off showing me how to boil water!  Then meal after meal she helped me learn and I got better and better although I still have a long way to go.

My WW Journey!

Christmas 2019! Who knew I had a heart-shaped face?!
My first WW meeting!

I began my journey with WW in January 2019. This choice was based on a recommendation made by my mother and her sister. Lets be serious, I knew I was overweight, how could I not! However, I made it a strict rule to live by to avoid looking in mirrors for too long. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes since I was ten years old. I was never happy about it, but lets face it, no one is. After several years of diabetes, I was then diagnosed with a disease called gastroparesis. This causes my stomach to empty erratically. I’ve spent most of my days miserable because of those diseases. I gave up living a full life after a while. I lost my focus. I was eating at McDonalds everyday stuffing my mouth with everything and anything I could get my hands on. My “why” was established after that first day of WW. I decided to take a long hard look in the mirror and I said to myself, “Is this how I want to live.” At that time I was 276 pounds.One thing was clear, I needed to make sure my health came first, and not my appetite. It has taken me a year to lose 59 pounds, and WOW am I proud of that number. I know that lifetime membership is within reach. Your goal is within reach too; I’m here to help!

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  1. ‘Hopping over from Connect… I have your cheesecake recipe in the oven now. The batter was delicious! Thank you for the recipe! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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